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Generate Excel

Types of generate Excel Sheet to do data entry in the web page.

On this page

To fill the web page form, we need is an excel sheet, with the help of which the data of the excel sheet is filled in as a web page. We can create excel sheet in two ways.


To automatically generate an excel sheet, you have to right click on the web page and go to the extensions menu and click on the generated excel template.


After this, the excel sheet will be downloaded, according to the fields of the form, columns will be created in this excel sheet and in this columns you can insert data. If for some reason the data is not being filled in any field of the form or if a column is left, then you can also manually create a column.

NOTE : If this option is not working on your webpage, then you can contact us and or you can use the option manually.


To manually create an Excel sheet, you have to create a new excel file in PC and insert the data as a table in the first sheet and how to create the columns of table can be seen from this link.